Monday, May 16, 2016

New Years Day

I am really bad at this whole blogging thing.. I just constantly forget to keep up with it! So let's go way back to New Years Day and how we spent it shooting lots of guns! 
Since we spent Christmas up in North Dakota with a bunch of family we spent a lot of the time outdoors. A couple family members got guns for Christmas so everyone was dying to get out and try them out. Between the three families out there, there was around 10-15 different guns to shoot. It was so fun! I shot multiple guns that I've never shot before, including a sniper rifle that had a good kick! Dave laughed at me because every time I shot it I screamed haha it was SO loud!

Presley fell asleep on the drive out there and slept in the truck the entire time we were out there (a couple of hours!). We had a movie playing in the truck so the kids would go inside to thaw out and keep entertained. It was a great setup! Kyson was able to shoot a real gun for the first time and he loved it! It was a great experience for him and for Dave! He actually shot a few different guns.

Our newest gun is this shot gun and it was my favorite! It's so fun to shoot!

This day was so fun! It was freezing cold but such a good day! I seriously love going out shooting and love that I'm a part of a red neck family ha!

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