Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Alamo

We did the whole touristy thing while in SA. We hit up The Alamo, Riverwalk and Sea World. It was so fun and so exhausting! What are vacations for am I right? It was my in laws first time going and since Dave and I have been before we played tour guide and we were awful at it! We got lost more than once, didn't know what the heck we were talking about and ditched them on more than one occasion. Oops! But we had fun and we made friends with not one but two squirrels! They let us feed them out of our hands even though we weren't supposed to. We're rebels! This day was spent at the Alamo/Riverwalk and even though I didn't take a single picture (these were all taken by my niece. Thanks Tayle!) we had such a fun time. I laugh constantly when I'm with my in laws. They're the funniest people! Dave and I love history so visiting places like this is so fun for us.

I'm not really sure where my butt disappeared too in this first picture? Maybe I should do more squats..
My feet were tired and Dave didn't want to push.. This was the result!

I definitely think San Antonio should be on everyone's travel list. It's such a neat city with so much to do! We love visiting!

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  1. I went to San Antonio way back in college. I'm bummed I didn't pay to tour the Alamo... but I did walk by it. The Riverwalk is a fun area. I wouldn't mind going back to visit again. We really love this cute little town just north of New Braunfels. It's called Gruene, TX. We love it so much we've actually been there 3 times now.


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)