Wednesday, July 8, 2015

San Antonio

We went to San Antonio for a few days for my brother in law's Basic Training graduation. We had so much fun even though the humidity about killed us. The drive to SA was amazing. The kids slept the entire time and the drive was gorgeous! Fields and fields of wild flowers covered both sides of the road. THE ENTIRE WAY! It was magical! So gorgeous! When we got there, we immediately went and visited Brandon. It was so weird seeing him in uniform for the first time. Let me just say this, Basic Training has changed immensely since Dave went through. Seriously, it's almost embarrassing how pampered they are these days. They're not allowed to do push-ups? Because it's too hot? REALLY!? Brandon was telling us all about how easy it is haha. I could go on and on about it but I won't. Anyway, we went through some military museums, did some shopping, ate some food and spent time with family who was also there supporting him. The next day we went to his actual graduation. It was kind of neat seeing one since I wasn't there for Dave's. We were crammed into the stands with two tired and restless kids who ended up dumping a bottle of water all over the poor guy sitting in front of us. I'm sure he didn't mind too much since it was so hot! You're welcome, sir. We took some pictures, met up for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and then went back to the hotel and did some swimming. We did a lot of swimming while we were there. It's always fun escaping reality and going on a little getaway. We love San Antonio and always have the best time there. 
Part two coming up next!

Congrats Brandon, you'll make a great Airman!

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  1. I love San Antonio! It's such a pretty place.


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)