Wednesday, June 24, 2015

virginia pt 2

I just want to throw it out there that I nailed it on the first try taking this picture!

We spent a lot of this day at the beach walking the board walk! The water was ice cold and the waves were really big (you can't tell in the picture) so we didn't do any swimming. We did stick our toes in the water just so we could say we've touched the Atlantic Ocean, ha!. The lifeguards were going crazy! We just happened to be there during whats called the Patriotic Festival. Every branch of the military goes out and promotes themselves, brings all their cool vehicles and blasts music. The Marines tried to get Dave to enlist with them and it was quite funny watching Dave lead them on. Too bad they'll never hear back from him. If only they knew he's already in the Air Force! There's stands, vendors and all kinds of activities going on. People were covering the boardwalk! There were concerts and parties everywhere. Big stars were there like Lee Brice, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Andrew McMahon, Alabama and so many more. It was so fun!! We walked around just taking it all in, did some shopping and did a lot of people watching. There is absolutely no shame at Virginia Beach! Ha!

This is when we found out just how cold the water was! This picture was taken the second after a wave came crashing into us and although you can't tell, we got soaked in ice cold water! This was our reaction. And no that little kid is not eating my butt :)

After the beach we headed to our hotel where we got fancied up and went to dinner. I really wish I would have taken a picture of our dinner attire, dangit! We walked down to this real fancy Italian restaurant where we spent almost three hours eating and enjoying each others company. It was such a nice restaurant! I found a hair on my plate, not in my food but on the plate and guess what? I didn't even care! haha gross I know but I guess that's the hairstylist in me! I threw that hair on the ground and chowed down. But seriously, you would think if you're paying that much for a fancy meal, they would at least make sure to wear hair nets? Call me crazy! On our walk back to the hotel, my feet were killing me! Who walks a mile to dinner in wedges?! This girl does! Dave was so sweet and carried me back! We decided to jump in the hotel pool and hot tub to help my feet feel better! My feet definitely felt better but my eyes about burned out of my head! They had so many chemicals in the hot tub and no ventilation in that room that our eyes were watering the entire time, haha! We just laughed about it though.

We seriously had the best time in Virgina and cannot wait to go back with a little more time! It's such a fascinating place!


  1. It really is such a fascinating place, I would love to go back.

  2. how nice. so glad you guys got a little get-away by yourselves. the scenery is beautiful!

  3. Ive heard nothing but great things about VA, never been for a long period of time myself but hope to some day!!! Sounds like yall had a fabulous time!!!

  4. I love how positive you are between your hairy food and chemical hot tub! I would have totally lost my appetite if I found a hair in my food :-( ESPECIALLY black hairs (not sure why they're worse - but they are!). Looks like you had such a fun trip! And I DIED when I saw that little boy eating your butt!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)