Wednesday, June 10, 2015

a quick trip to Austin, TX

My parents were in Austin for a few days on business so of course I had to drive down to see them. I loaded up the kids and we made the short three hour drive there. Of course about 45 minutes from Austin we hit some bad weather! Texas, man!! It was such bad rain/hail/wind that we had to pull over on the side of the freeway and wait it out. My poor car took on some hail damage. Dangit! We didn't let it stop us from having fun though. We got to Austin and couldn't find our hotel. Ha! My navigation needs an update. BAD! Anyways once we finally found our hotel we went and picked up my parents. We went to dinner, did some shopping and sight seeing. We didn't really have much time to play the first night because we arrived a little later than planned. So, we called it a night and just decided to do everything the next day. While my Mom spent the day in and out of meetings all day, my dad and I took the kids out on the town. Austin is such a green city! Trees everywhere! It was beautiful! The only request I had was to go see the Graffiti Park. I really had no idea what to expect aand when we arrived it was seriously such a cool place. Different than what I imagined but still pretty awesome! I'm not really sure of the story behind it or if anyone can paint whenever they want but there was just paint on paint on paint. And a bunch of levels. It was pretty cool! It had recently rained so the ground was muddy and there were mud puddles everywhere so I had to hold Presley nearly the entire time. And she did not like it! So of course, she would not pose for pictures!

Other than the gazillion selfies Kyson and I took, these are the only pictures I took in Austin!

We went and did some more shopping and ended up spending most of our time in the Lego store. We didn't buy anything, but Kyson and Presley sure had fun building stuff. Presley's bright pink outfit was a big hit with all the girls who were working there. They loved her! Who can blame them though? :) We ate at Chipotle for the first time and although it was delicious, it doesn't even compare to Cafe Rio! It was fun getting to see my parents for a couple days. It's so hard living in different states then them. We only get to see them once maybe twice a year so we'll take every chance we get!

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  1. Austin is such a fun city!!! Glad you where able to meet up with your parents, its always fun to see family!!!


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