Monday, June 8, 2015

our first time to the east coast

A couple weeks ago Dave and I took a little getaway to Virginia Beach. It was our first time to the east coast and we were so excited. There is so much history in that area and it had us giddy with excitement! We love history! It was only supposed to be a three day getaway but Dallas had some bad weather the night before our flight. Our flight ended up cancelling the next morning so we didn't even get to Virginia until 10;30 PM. An entire day, gone! I could have cried!! We were so upset that we missed out on a whole day of exploring, especially since our trip was already so short! Once we finally arrived we woke up the next morning as early as possible to get as much in as we could! We toured an old WW2 ship, the USS Wisconsin. Holy crap! That thing is huge but still so crammed on the inside! I don't know how they lived in such tight quarters. I would go crazy! It was such a neat experience and Dave is still talking about how it's the coolest thing he's ever seen :)

 Seriously, look at the size of those chains!!

When you're finished walking around on the ship they have a museum right next to it full of cool stuff. They have walls and walls of old pictures and other cool things from WW2. Dave found this old picture of  B-1 and he just had to take a picture of it. (Dave's entire job revolves around the B-1!)

 Walking around the city was so cool. The streets there are so gorgeous and it looks like a scene from a movie. Narrow roads with outdoor cafe's everywhere. Tree's flowers and art all over the place! And the buildings were breathtaking! So old with so much detail! We fell in love with the area and would absolutely love to live there! For lunch we decided on Hell's Kitchen and oh my word! Yum! I got the chicken ranch wrap (something like that) and I devoured that thing! I've been way into wraps lately so it was calling my name.

We walked some more and came across the ship yard where they have massive ships being built right in front of you! We were on the other side of the bay so the pictures don't do it justice but there were 3-4 Navy ships being built at the same time. 

I want to go back SO BAD!! Norfolk/Virginia Beach is one of the coolest places I've ever been! Day two coming up next!


  1. It's such a pretty area! My cousin is stationed there!

  2. Welcome to the East coast!!!!! Glad yall got to visit. :)'

  3. I love the East Coast, it really is amazing!

  4. Such a fun place!!! Looks like the weather was perfect for you guys to!!!

  5. Wow looks like so much fun!


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