Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Presley: 15 months

I haven't done an update on Presley in a few months so I thought I'd update on her.

-Presley has a mouth full of teeth. I think she has about 15 teeth total. She grows teeth fast apparently and she handles teething real well. 

-She's starting to say a few words including Momma, Dadda, hi, wow, uh oh, and whoa! She knows sign language for 'more' and 'milk' which makes life so easy when it comes to eating.

-She's learned how to blow kisses and it's the sweetest thing ever! Each night at bedtime I'll ask her, "wanna go na-night?" and she'll immediately start blowing kisses if she's tired. If she's not tired she'll just turn around and run away.

-Presley baby is quite the little eater. The girl loves food!! I still haven't found anything that she refuses to eat and it makes me so happy!

-She refuses to sleep though. She goes to bed easily and even falls asleep easily but she can't sleep very long. She's transitioning from two naps a day to one so on days where she only takes one nap she'll sleep for about 2-3 hours. But when it comes to sleeping through the night? F'getabout it!!

-She's right on the verge of running! She does this little bouncy fast walk when she's trying to run and I laugh every time.

-Still no hair, ha! It's really filling in well but it just wont grow!

-She's really interested in her tongue right now. Her favorite thing to do is look at herself in the mirror while sticking out her tongue. She thinks its so funny.

-She's recently learned how to get off of the couch. Let me tell ya, it's so nice not having to worry about her falling off anymore. She loves to be on the couch and I don't always have the time to just sit there ready to catch her if she falls.

-She loves "helping" with laundry. She'll go around the house finding clothes (usually from pulling things out of drawers) and putting them into a laundry basket. She always gets so proud of herself!

-She recently started bending over and putting her head on the floor so she can look through her legs. I made her do a somersault and she got so excited. Tumbling will definitely be in her future!

-Girlfriend is a little drama queen!!! She's started throwing temper tantrums when she doesn't get something she wants. Its the cutest thing! She'll bury her face into the floor and do her fake cry. I can't help but smile!

-She wears 12-18 months tops and 18 month bottoms. She's also in size 4 diapers. We also turned her car seat around and she's in baby heaven!

We love miss Presley so much and can't believe how fast time is going! I can't wait to make her a big sissy because I know she'll be a good one. She's so much fun to have around and I'm completely obsessed with her!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)