Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2014: a look back

2014 was such a great year! We had so much fun all year long and have nothing but good things to say about the year. Of course we had some tough times but the good ones outweigh the bad ones. Here are some of our memories from 2014!

-Kyson turned 5! I cannot believe how fast time is going! It seems to go faster with every year that passes!
-We had a snow week! School and work were cancelled all week long and we definitely took advantage.

-We hosted s Super Bowl party filled with tons of food!!
-We celebrated Valentine's Day as a family of four! It was our fist one with Presley and it was so fun adding her to the festivities.
-Dave and I did a Run or Dye 5K.
-I celebrated my Golden Birthday and turned 27 years old. It was fun doing a teeny tiny photo shoot to celebrate.

-We went on a little weekend getaway to Dallas. We took the kids to the Dallas World Aquarium, Lego Land, and the Dallas Blooms. We go every year!

-Dave turned 27!
-We celebrated Easter at home. Just us four!

-Dave bought me a new car for Mother's Day!
-My in laws came to town for a few days. They met Presley for the first time. 
-We spent a lot of time at the Splash Pad.
-Kyson graduated from Pre K!

-Dave's car was totaled! 
-We traveled to North Dakota. Spent our time with family, swimming, and relaxing!
-We met up with my friend Paula in Bismarck for the day! We love P!

-We traveled to Utah with Dave's family.
-We spent two days at Lagoon A Beach and Lagoon.
-We spent a day at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.
-We spent a day at Seven Peaks.
-We traveled to southern Utah for a few days. We had some Military style pictures taken, spent time with family and soaked up our time in St George.
-Dave and I celebrated our 6th year of marriage in Las Vegas for three days.
-Dave and I went Sky Diving!!
-We spent a few days in Mesa, AZ visiting my sister.
-We spent every weekend at the pool.

-We took Kyson and Presley to the zoo. We saw our first Albino Alligator.
-We did a 5K Glow Run as a family. So fun!
-Kyson started Kindergarten!
-I met my friend Danielle for the first time! Don't you love social media and the friendships you make?

-Dave and I attended the Air Force Ball. Our last one! :(
-Had the cutest Mommy/Daughter photo shoot with Presley. 

-Presley turned ONE!! We went all out for her first birthday!
-We took the kids to a cute little Pumpkin Patch.
-Celebrated Halloween!! Kyson was a vampire and Presley was Snow White.

-We spent a few days in Dallas. We went to the biggest, coolest Pumpkin Patch I've ever seen!
-We flew up to North Dakota for Thanksgiving.
-We took Kyson ice skating. It was his first time and he hated it!
-We enjoyed a private viewing of Mocking Jay.

-Took the kids to see Santa!
-Had our annual Christmas family pictures taken.
-Celebrated Christmas as a family of four. Santa was good to us this year!
-Partied on New Years Eve wearing my sequin party pants!!


  1. I love the confetti in your birthday photo shoot!! :)

  2. LOVE!!!
    I love your ball dress too..

  3. You had a fun filled year for-sure!!! Love you recap of 2014.

  4. you are just so adorable. what a great year!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)