Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kyson turns SIX

My sweet, happy, playful little boy turned six on Wednesday! I can't even believe it! It seems like just yesterday I was holding him for the first time. He was so excited for his birthday. Every day for the past three months he'd remind me that his birthday was coming up and that he was almost six. Haha. The day finally came! I was planning on doing a whole lot for a party but then as he was going to bed the night before his birthday he told Dave he wanted to come home from school to a party... So the next day while he was at school, I ran around town like a crazy person trying to get a party set up. I even had time to take cupcakes to his class! Man, I'm good. I decorated, baked and frosted a cake and even blew up a zillion balloons. I finished about five minutes before Kyson got home. Phew, I pulled it off. He was so happy and excited! We ate cake, opened presents and played the rest of the night. Kyson was a happy camper!

Kyson's really been into basketball lately so the weekend before his birthday we got him a big basketball hoop. We set it up for him early because the weather was just too perfect to pass up! I can't believe how good he's gotten in the week and a half we've had that thing. Kids got talent!

Here's some update's on him:

-Kyson weighs 44 pounds and is 45 inches tall. He's very healthy and very smart. His doctor is extremely pleased with him.

-He's been such a picky eater his whole life but he's been more open to new foods lately. Some of his favorite things to eat is chicken, rice, corn, PB&J, carrots without ranch, watermelon, bananas, meatballs or anything with hamburger, muffins and a few more things. Its a whole lot better than cereal and waffles all the time!

-He's an amazing artist! He gets it from his daddy because I can barely draw a stick figure. If there's any piece os paper laying around the house, you better believe it'll end up with some type of doodle on it. Kyson loves to draw!

-He also loves to read! He's learning how to read in Kindergarten and he's doing amazingly! I can't believe how much he's reading! Entire books!!

-He loves to pretend to be a superhero, a guitar player, and a dog. It cracks me up!

-When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he answers 'a basketball player.' Every time!

-His last tube finally fell out of his ear!! It only took three years!

-His six year old teeth are making their way in. He also has his first loose tooth!

-He's probably the sassiest six year old I've ever met! He has a witty comment for just about anything you say to him. I would blame it on Dave but I'm the witty one of the family..

We love Kyson so much! He's at such a fun age. I think he's going to be a genius and change the world! He thinks so too. He dreams big and I support his dreams! Happy Birthday little dude!


  1. Hope 6 is an even better birthday for your little man!!! They grow too fast!!

    Happy Birthday Kyson!!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)