Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve/Day

Christmas Eve was spent at home, relaxing. Dave and I started and finished our Christmas shopping in one weekend! Talk about an exhausting weekend! So, our Christmas Eve was pretty laid back. We watched movies, decorated cookies for Santa and did some last minute cleaning for the big day. We order pizza every Christmas Eve and this year was no different. Traditions are the best! We didn't let the kids take a nap that day so they would be nice and tired for bedtime. Even with how tired Kyson was he was still too excited to fall asleep. My mother in law sends us Christmas pajamas every year to open on Christmas Eve. Dave and I also started a new tradition of a Christmas Eve movie box that our Elf on the Shelf leaves us. It's full of Christmas jammies, a movie for each person and lots of snacks to watch the movies with. It was a big hit! I think we'll do it every year. And guess what? I didn't take any pictures of our movie night. But here's a picture of the jammies my mother in law sent.
Ok I lied.. My shirt is one I've had for a while and Presley's jammies are the ones she got in the movie box. My shirt from my MIL was too small and Presley's are too big. So we improvised!

Kyson's room temporarily doesn't have a door (don't ask!) so we had him sleep in our bed with us. We put him to bed around 9 so Santa could get to work! We told him he had to stay in the room no matter what, unless he needs to go potty. That kid went "potty" about 17 times before he finally fell asleep!! He was just too excited! Dave and I set everything up and finished around 1:30 AM. We snuck in bed with Kyson and tried to fall asleep. Sleep never happened! Even in our king sized bed, Kyson still kept us up! He kept slapping Dave and kicking me so we pulled an all nighter. Holy crap we were tired!! We kick of just shrugged it off and figured we'd just take a nap when the kids napped. Which once again, never happened. They were too excited about all their new gifts that naps were out of the question.
Anyways, Kyson woke up at 6:30 and since Dave and I were still awake we decided to wake up Presley and just start the morning. I literally took one picture on Christmas.. Not only is that a mom fail, it's a life fail! Who doesn't take pictures on Christmas? 

Anyways, I took this picture of Kyson and Dave, then handed the camera to Dave and told him to take pictures while I made breakfast.. These are the pictures he took. I guess that what happens when I count on him to handle the camera.

Even though we were exhausted and the turkey I cooked didn't turn out, we had a great Christmas!

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  1. OMG, this is seriously the cutest post ever but I must admit I did have a laugh or two!!! :)


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