Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas fun

Christmastime with kids is a million times more magical! We had so much fun this year showing Presley how Christmas works, even though she won't remember it. And Kyson has Christmas pretty much mastered. It filled my momma heart with so much joy watching Kyson help Presley through it all! I feel like all I did throughout December was bake. I made so many different Christmas goodies and somehow didn't gain a pound! We started out the holidays with a Christmas party at our church. Good food, a live Nativity and a message about Christ and what Christmas is all about. It was the perfect way to start off the holiday season! We took the kids to meet Santa, baked, had a couple more Christmas parties, a school Christmas program for Kyson, baked some more and shopped til we dropped!! I was also able to indulge in my favorite Christmas treat more times than I'd like to admit. Thank you Chick Fil A for making the best Peppermint shake ever! But the best moment of all was when Kyson explained to me the true meaning of Christmas. That boy has a love for our Savior and it makes me feel like I've done something right.

 Talk about bad picture quality.. It was taken with my phone.

I'm kicking myself in the butt for not taking more pictures. But it was so nice not worrying about snapping a picture and just living in the now. We had the best Christmas and I can't wait to share our Christmas Eve/morning.

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