Friday, January 17, 2014

skin problems

I've never had a problem with my face skin. No acne, no acne scars, just normal skin. If I've lucked out in any category it would be clear face skin. And because I don't know the correct terminology for face skin and because I'm tired of typing out face skin I'm making up my own name for it and calling it "Fin." 
Fin=Face Skin

I don't have perfect skin but I've always taken well care of my Fin. I've followed the same strict facial care regime since high school and I've never had a single problem with it. In fact every time I try using something new is when my face goes nuts! So I always fall back to my normal stuff. I wash my face every day, use a good hydrating lotion and use masks. I drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. So when my Fin started going berserk two weeks ago a red flag went up and I started freaking out a little. The last two weeks my Fin has been so dry and flaky! It's gross! And when I wear makeup it magnifies the flakes and makes it look 1,000 times worse. So I've taken a break from makeup so my skin can chill out and heal. So far its not working so good.

I tried using a face mask and got it a little too close to my eyes. Hahaha you guys, if you take one thing from this post let it be this. Do not get a mask too close to your eyes! It will harden causing your skin to feel super tight (it felt like I just got a face lift. Not that I know what a face lift feels like!) which makes it so you can't blink. When you can't blink your eyes dry out and they start to burn like no ones business! I toughed it out for the 20 minutes the mask requires but by the time that 20 minutes was up I was borderline running to the bathroom to wash it off!

So far my skin is not getting any better and I'm getting desperate! Although this makeup strike has been amazing I look like I have a terminal illness without it. No offense to anyone! My skin is so fair and my eyebrows and eyelashes are blonde. I have zero color to my face so makeup is key for me to look normal. And it doesn't help when you're so sleep deprived from being an insomniac that when after you wash your face your husband tells you that you smeared mascara underneath your eye and tried to be sweet and wipe it off for you. Then he tells you that it's not coming off so you look in the mirror only to find that the smeared mascara is actually the dark circles under your eyes from being so sleep deprived. Run-on sentence much? He's sweet and I'm now self conscious about my Fin!

So please blogger friends, help a desperate, sleep deprived, dry Finned, dark circled eyes insomniac! What are your favorite skin care products? Ones that really work but are nice to my bank account?


  1. Cetaphil moisturizing cream. Make sure it's the cream, not lotion. It will clear the dry, flaky skin up in a couple days!

  2. I've been using Arbonne's skincare line, it's more expensive but it's really been helping my skin. After I had Annika, I developed Rosacea (which SUCKS) and the treatment for that is steroids and drugs - which I can't take because I'm breastfeeding. I also love using Oil of Olay moisturizer and I found that it always helped with my super dry skin up here (Canada causes major skin flakiness in the winter lol).

  3. I LOVE Lush products. Using the Teatree Oil spray + Ultrabland combo saved my skin during pregnancy, and now that we are back in the dry midwest, I'm going to start using it again. I've also used an Arbonne cream cleanser (the blue and white one), and liked it too. I'm a big believer in using all natural and organic skin care though, which both Lush and Arbonne are :)


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)