Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kyson's party!

We had Kyson's party yesterday. He wanted to have his party on his birthday, not on the weekend following. When I asked Kyson what he wanted for his birthday his requests were small. So I made sure that he got everything he asked for.

Here's the conversation we had a few weeks ago.

Me: "Kyson what do you want for your birthday?"
K: "Balloons and a cake."
Me: "What kind of cake?"
K: "A blue, orange, and yellow cake. With a smiley face on it!"
Me: "What kind of presents would you like?"
K: "Ones that look like Christmas presents."

Who can say no to those simple requests?
People without a heart, that's who!

So after I dropped him off at school, I went shopping. I took his class some treats, they sang happy birthday and I came home to decorate. I would like to say that I decorated right away but that would be a lie. Presley and I took a nap. She kept me up all night so we were both exhausted. 
After our much needed three hour nap, (oops, overslept!) I got ready cleaned up the house and by that time I had to go pick up the birthday boy.
We got home and that's when I made the cake and decorated. I blame Presley for putting me so behind! :)

I had just a few decorations that I made that turned out really cute. Once Dave got home we took Kyson birthday shopping. We gave him a budget and let him buy his own presents. We gave him a budget because he's under the impression that we have an unlimited amount of money and well we don't, obviously. So it was a good way for him to learn how money really works. It was a hit with him! We had to teach him how to budget and be smart with money. He loved it and got so excited when he understood it!
 Kyson's cousins have been in town so they came over and partied! It was just us family but it was a lot of fun. And noisy! Ha :)

Check out that cake! 
Haha my cake decorating skills from my high school job definitely did not show on this cake!
At least it was delicious :)
Happy Birthday Kyson, I can't wait to see what your fifth year brings you!


  1. Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!!!

    {Bailey was sitting right here as I was reading the post....when I got to the last picture of the cake she said "yummy." lol

  2. Happy Birthday Kyson! That cake is so cute.

  3. Aww what a fun birthday party! :)

  4. Aww! Looks like the perfect party :)

  5. What a cute party! As long as the cake tastes good, who cares what it looks like (that's my philosophy!)


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