Sunday, July 28, 2013

utah vacation pt 2

We had the best time in Utah but it quickly went from a great trip to a emotionally exhausting trip! Things happened that can't get put online but it caused a lot of sadness. So we cut our time in Utah by a week. But while we were there we lived it up! We did some hiking, some swimming, some splash padding, some eating, some family time, some traveling, some more eating blah blah blah.

We spent one day up in Cedar City to escape the heat. That was a mistake! It was just as hot there with absolutely nothing to do haha
We spent another day at the lake where our car got stuck in the sand for four hours, along with two other cars! Thanks babe! So we made the best of it and played in the water. We did get a crazy good tan though!
We went hiking at Snow Canyon to the caves. Kyson was terrified!!
We had such a fun time this week with my whole family! We left St George a week early and headed south. The last week we spent in Mesa with my sister! That post is coming up next :)


  1. Looks like such a great little vacation and you look so cute!!!

  2. Your swimsuit is my favorite! So cute! I hope everything is okay even though your trip got caught short!

  3. i love your swimsuit! good for you guys for making the best out of a less than ideal situation!

  4. You are seriously one of the cutest pregnant mommas I have ever seen! Your swimsuit is freakin cute too!

  5. On no! What happened!? I'm still bummed we missed each other! You are super woman to survive the heat in st g and az while being pregnant! Yikes!

  6. Your bump is definitely getting bigger, but oh so cute!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)