Wednesday, July 24, 2013

utah vacation pt 1

Dave and I are both from Utah, so we vacation there. A lot! We both have our families there and our friends. Plus we love going to Utah! Every year we take three weeks and drive out to Utah to relax for a while. This year was no different! On our way out there we made a few stops along the way which made traveling while pregnant so much easier! First we stopped at the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo. It's been on my "Texas Bucket List" forever so I wanted to stop and see it. It was kind of cool but its not something I'll want to do ever again. At least I was able to check it off my list!

We always stay the night in Gallup, NM at the same hotel every time we go back home. After spending the night we hit the road again and stopped at the Four Corners. It too is on my Bucket List and again it's not something I'll want to do again but still kind of cool!

Once we made it to St George we went straight over to Dave's Mom's house for a bbq and we were able to surprise everyone! It was so fun just dropping in on the whole family unexpectedly! 
The first few days there were spent poolside! I definitely got my tan on while I was there. The whole first week we swam, played at the Splash Pad, visited friends and family, ate a ton of good food and just relaxed! It was exactly what we needed!

I didn't take a lot of pictures on this vacation so I'll do my best to remember what all we did. I'm already starting to forget!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)