Sunday, October 30, 2011

a very long post about Halloween Spirit!

With tomorrow being Halloween I thought it was time for a festive post. I have had so much fun this last week participating in multiple Halloween get togethers! But first I'm going to take a walk down memory lane and share past Halloween costumes :)


This is my costume last year? I think it was last year.. Actually maybe it was the year before last? I can't remember ha! Either way here it is!

With two of my friends

I was a fairy!

This year I had two costumes. Day one I was 80's Barbie. And day two I was baseball Barbie! But according to everyone I know I'm Barbie every day... Must be the hair :)

I love dressing up for Halloween (ok I love dressing up no matter what it is) Going to a school full of girls is always so much fun on Halloween! This is why:

 Girls get so into it!!
The picture on the right are girls I sit next to and the one on the left is an instructor and the witch is the owner!

Wanna see past and current Halloween costumes for Kyson?
Duh.. of course you do!

Kyson's first Halloween :)

This year he's a ninja and my adorable niece is a...

Candy corn!

Pumpkin guts gross me the freak out!! But I toughened up and carved a pumpkin anyways.. Be very proud of me! Does anyone else think that carving pumpkins is hard work? Holy crap! My hands got a workout from it!! Totally burned calories :)

Our pumpkins! Mine is the ghost :)

I just love Halloween! Especially when people get really into decorating.. like this!
 Anyways... I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!! I'm going to have so much fun :)

All you Utah bloggers, I will be in northern Utah next weekend!! Lets plan a blate ;)

My festive church clothes :)


  1. I love it alllll! Let me know what you want to do and as long as I'm free- I'm so there! :)
    You should link this post up to my Halloween party today! :D

  2. Great idea for a costume! You really did look like a barbie :)
    Aww your son and niece looked adorable!!

    Happy Monday,

  3. Oh my goodness girl! You are to cute! I love both costumes! You look just like Barbie!!! I would love to meet up for a blate but I live in Ohio! PS- your little guy is adorable!

  4. Love it- what a talented pumpkin carver you are! And those costumes are fab! Such a lovely lady. :) Happy Halloween!!

  5. Red extensions?? LOVE them!
    Such cute costumes :)
    I am so with you, I HATE pumpkin guts... Yuck!
    Sad.. I'm going to be down in St George next weekend.

  6. Love all the costumes, and omg so cute the cow costume - how fun!

  7. Looks like you have been having a wonderful time! Really enjoying all your photos!!!!

  8. Hi Denise! I'm Denise too!! This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it! You are so so cute and I love the candy corn costume on the little one! Sooo cute!!!

    I hope you have a fabulous halloween!!!

    xoxo Denise

  9. Awesome job on the pumpkins! I try my best every year and it always turns out to be a disaster at best lol.

  10. you're so cute! I really love your church clothes! And Kyson looks darling!!! ah...i need a baby.

  11. Hey I just emailed you about a Craft Night a few friends and I are having on Saturday with a few other bloggers. You should join us. Check out your email. :) We would love to hang out.

    Leslee @ and

  12. You are so adorable! I love all the fun you had!


  13. Your so cute! I love dressing up too but I don't have anyone really to dress up here with hehe. And too bad I'm not in Utah otherwise I'd love to have a blate with ya!!!


  14. Great job on the pumpkins!!! Mine turned out awful. They started out good but my "scary" pumpkin ended up losing all of his teeth :(


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)