Monday, October 24, 2011

cut loose, Footloose!

If you haven't seen the new Footloose you are truly missing out!
I went last minute with my girl Chelsea about a week ago. She went kicking and screaming, but she ended up thanking me for taking her. She Loved it!!
I remember watching the original one a long time ago and loving it as well. I've always really liked remake movies and songs. A lot of people don't but I do :)
Plus Julianne Hough was in it and who doesn't love watching her dance?? And Blake Shelton sang the Footloose song. So good!! I will be buying it on Blu Ray when it comes out :)

You will leave the movie dancing in the parking lot!! Trust me, we did :)

Like our dance moves? HA! These were taken last Christmas. Look how short my hair is!!


  1. Looks good. I am always up for any movie that inspires dancing in the streets!

  2. I really want to see this movie. I've never seen the original, but I've always wanted to see that one also. :)

  3. That's hilarious! I would have to go kicking and screaming too, but I'm glad you had a blast at it!!

  4. So fun! I must go and see this movie!

  5. I saw this last weekend too and loved it! Ren was soo cute!

  6. I really want to go see that movie! Im glad you had fun!

  7. aw looks like fun! I wanna see this movie so bad. I'm glad to hear u liked it!


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