Friday, April 22, 2011

Major Hair Crisis

Today at the salon (oh my gosh it was such a busy day) I was doing hi lights and an all over color on a new client. She just moved to town and was referred to me. So obviously I was trying to make a good first impression! I go to the dispensary and mix the color and while I'm back there a cat fight breaks out... I have never heard the F word so many times in my life!! I feel like I need to go repent just for hearing it! My poor client is just sitting in my chair with her five year old son witnessing the entire thing. I'm not going to go into details but come on people, show some class! I start her color and we are just chatting up a storm and the next thing I know I'm flinging a level 4 color into my level 10 hair! I wiped it off, no big deal and go on with the color. As she's processing, I cut her sons hair, shampoo her, gave her some nice layers and style her hair. Hi lights, color, 2 hair cuts, and a style.. Yeah! My new personal record of 2 hours for the entire thing! Go me! AND she loved it and has committed to me :) But thats not the point.. Once she left I realized just how much color I got in my hair.. Dun dun dun.. Its so bad! I look like a zebra!

Denise's hair=zebra print

My awesome co worker told me to wash my hair with Tide laundry detergent! What the?! In all this time doing hair how did I not know this? I just love this career. You learn something new every single day! I'm home now and instead of washing out this color I came straight to the computer to blog about it!! Haha.. I'm praying that it works cause it really will be a national crisis if my hair is ruined! My hair is what I'm known for :)

Ok this is actually from when I was in hair school eons ago :)

Speaking of hair school, lets take a walk down memory lane! I had such a fun time in hair school, I made such good friends :)

 Fashion Show

My besties, The Valley Girls haha :)

I had a great time in Hair School but am so glad its over and I've moved on to bigger and better things. I lucked out with my job! Its perfect :)

Man do I need pictures of the salon!

I really don't know how this blog ended up being about hair school but whatever, it works!

Stay Beautiful


  1. Ok I'm always so worried this will happen! I was always scared in hair school that I'd plug in my clippers (I'd have to bend down a little to do it so my hair would fall down) and they'd be ON and they'd buzz off some of my hair haha!
    Did the tide washing work?!

  2. It did work! You can't even tell anything was there! Thank goodness :)

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