Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm just like you, only PRETTIER :)

What do Texan's do on a regular thursday night? We party like a rockstart at a Miranda Lambert concert! Miranda Lambert loves to rock out in concert! She is such an amazing singer/song writer and she kicks butt on the guitar :)

But before she came on stage we were lucky enough to hear these two fellas also

Josh Kelley


Justin Moore

Why was this concert so good you ask? Because all three artists sounded amazing live! And they were fun.


We treated ourselves to a fine dining experience while we were there. Our meal consisted of a corn dog for me and a hot dog for the husband and we shared a bottled water! With complimentary ketchup :) We literally thought the hot dogs were going to kill us, they looked soo disgusting but we were just too hungry to pass it up! Next up Miranda Lambert!!

This is what every Texan wears.. A cowboy hat or a camo hat!

She is such a cute girl! She is so sassy like me, has pretty blonde hair like me, and loves attention LIKE ME!! haha But she sings way better than me :)
Well that is what our thursday night consisted of! It was so fun and we will definitely be going to more concerts from now on :)

Enjoy this

I love the girls in this video, this song and the '50s style! Ahh.. If I could visit back to the 1950's I would!! I love everything about it. Someone invent a time machine so I can go :) And finger waves are so back in style.. SCORE! The fifties are coming back baby!! Seriously check out these gorgeous finger waves..

Don't you love them? I know I do!

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