Monday, February 22, 2016

New Years Eve/Day

New Years was spent in North Dakota surrounded by family. I love my in laws so much! We spent NYE having an indoor BBQ at my in laws friends house. We talked, played games and had the missionaries over with us. It was fun but I really wanted to just go home to my in laws house. Once we got back, we watched movies, played games and lit off a couple floating lanterns. It was FREEZING outside!! I mean in the negatives! So we lit off two and called it good. Mainly because I literally couldn't feel my fingers. I had to look at them just to make sure they were still there. SO cold!

The only picture we got!

The rest of the night we just hung out indoors where it was warm. Dave and I did go out for a drive trying to see the northern lights without success. One of these times while I'm in ND I will see those dang lights!! It may not sound like much but we had the best time.

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