Thursday, February 11, 2016

ice castle fun

Last weekend my nephew got baptized up in northern Utah! I'm so proud of him. So, while we were up there I took the kids to the Midway Ice Castle and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! It was so much bigger than I imagined! Anna and Elsa were there but the line was stupid long so we just waved to them as we walked by. It was way too cold to stand in that long line, especially since us Texan's don't own warm clothing! We wandered around and snapped pictures, enjoying each others company and oohing and awing over everything we saw. There were so many people there so we didn't stay for long. Hello anxiety! As we were finding the exit a little girl ran past Presley knocking her over into the snow. Presley got so wet that she just started crying because obviously she was freezing! I felt so bad for her. Luckily we were already on our way out so we didn't miss anything. Thank you Christa for coming along and helping with my crazy kids! This Whole single parenting thing is still new to me.

After the castles we headed to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Presley flirted with a bus boy the whole time, we waited for over an hour to be seated but the food was well worth it! Again Christa, thanks for helping me with my crazy, impatient kids! They love you!

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