Wednesday, October 1, 2014

on having baby #3

Dave and I have always agreed on the number of kids we want. We've always wanted three kids naturally and then to adopt a fourth. We've been talking about getting pregnant with #3 since Presley was born, I know we're crazy! I've always wanted to be a young mother and I've wanted to have my last baby by the time I turned 30. I don't know why, that's just what I've wanted since I was a kid. I'm right on schedule but I'm having a real hard time getting pregnant, emotionally. Having a baby is hard in every way. Emotionally, mentally, physically and it definitely takes it's toll on a woman's body! I've worked my booty off trying to get my body back after having Presley and I feel like I've done a really good job. It's hard for me to want to undue it all and get big with a baby again. So selfish of me!  Pregnancy is not enjoyable for me. I hated both my pregnancies and dread the day morning sickness kicks in again but at the same time having another baby is such a dream of mine. There's nothing better than that first look at your precious baby fresh out of the womb! It's in-explainable and I want that again. Dave wants another baby, like now! And so do I but my fears are really weighing down on me and I just feel like I'm not ready. But I feel like I'm not ready because of said fears, not because I don't want to take on another tiny human!

Kyson fresh out of the womb

Presley fresh out of the womb.

The last couple months Dave and I have been wondering if bringing another baby into this sick, twisted world is a good idea. I mean, raising two kids with all the hate and violence is already hard and scary enough! I know there is still so much good in this world but I can't help but feel like evil is outnumbering good. 

This has been weighing heavily on my mind for so long and I've spend countless hours praying about it. I'm desperate for some comfort. So my mommy friends, how do you deal with these fears and thoughts? Do you have any advice, stories, experiences, scripture verses to help me deal with this? 


  1. I think . . . don't pressure yourself to have a baby now if you're not ready for another one. Waiting a bit doesn't mean you're saying no to baby #3, it just means you understand that adding a third baby will drastically change things . . . and if you're not ready for that, it's okay! As for the fears, Idk. It's true that it's a crazy world, but God didn't send us down here to have a picnic, he sent us here to grow and become like Him. With parents like you guys, baby #3 would have a great chance of turning out just fine, despite the state of the world. Just keep trusting in God and in His plan. It always works out :)

  2. I'm kinda going through the same thing. My partner and I have three daughters between us and we'd desperately love a baby of our own. The trouble is I'm not very good at being pregnant. I'm very sick and have to spend most of the time in bed and it makes the fibromyalgia so bad that I become unable to cope. I also have the same sort of issues mentally about my body so I know what that feels like. Our issue is does the risk of me becoming more unwell outweigh our want to have another baby? He says that he couldn't manage without me and we have had the same conversation about bringing another life into the world with all of the evil present. We have decided to wait for now and I'm just having to trust that God has a good plan for us regardless of whether we are blessed with another child. If you want to chat, give me a shout :) x

  3. Have faith! God is ultimately in charge and all will be made well again...whether in this life or the next. So keep putting one foot in front of the other doing the right thing. You're amazing parents!

    We really want a third child too... except it's been nearly a year and still no baby. I don't know whether God is saying "no" or "not yet" and why. It hurts, but I'm trying to keep my chin up. I'm just saying that sometimes we feel like we have all the control in this baby-making arena, but we really don't. And it's okay to wait a year or two if you feel you're just not quite ready.

  4. I understand the fear of bringing a child into a world that seems to be more negative than positive. Sometimes our plans aren't the plans we end up it is totally okay to wait...and see. ;-)

  5. My cousin was having a hard time deciding if they should have more. She gets deathly ill her whole pregnancy so it's hard on the whole family. One day they were out and about when they witnessed a father screaming at his child, dropping the F bomb and calling him awful names. They decided then and there that they needed to bring more spirits into their home to avoid the evil that is everywhere. The best thing you can do is make your home a safe haven for your kids and their friends!

  6. My husband and I definitely have plans to have four children. I always view it as the world needs more love and good kids in it and I hope to be a part of that. I think that that means I will have to put a little more effort into raising them though!

  7. You'll continue to be fabulous momma to the two little ones you have and if its meant to be and you both have another sweet little one it will come. Don't stress yourself out about it girl!!! Enjoy Kyson and Presley as much as you can!!!!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)