Thursday, August 7, 2014

Presley: 10 months

-Presley has started saying Mama!!! Squeal! She says it every time she see's me and every time she's hungry. Maybe she just incorporates me with food? Either way, I'll take it!!

-She shakes her head, no, all day long. It's the cutest thing! I won't be saying that once she learns what it means though.

-She literally gets mad at you if you don't share your ice cream with her.

-She's Getting real good at standing up to things. She even stood without holding onto anything one time for about five seconds. She hasn't done it again!

-Her hair is finally starting to grow!! Or should I say fill in? The girl has some thin hair, but it's starting to fill in and hopefully it'll start to grow soon!

-She hates sippy cups! Seriously she refuses to even hold one. I've tried so many kinds and she's apparently too good for them!

-She's still in 6-9 month clothes. Size three diapers. And she's in desperate need of new headbands. She has four that fit her and she's worn those four, and those four only, for two months!

-Her favorite food, besides ice cream is bananas. She'll eat anything you give her but those bananas hold a special place in her tiny heart!

-She's sleeping 12-14 hours. A NIGHT!! Hallelujah! The girl has finally figured out that sleep is glorious and will forever be her best friend!

I cannot believe that my Presley baby is 10 months old. Two months until she turns one!! And you better believe I've already started planning her first birthday! Ha, crazy mom problems! We love this piece of heaven so much. She is such a blessing to our family!

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  1. I love how she has her hand on her hip in the last picture! Sassy! And wow! I wish Evelyn would sleep like that! What are you planning for her first birthday?


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