Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Sometimes the best thing about getting family pictures taken are the bloopers. There's just something about looking back at a stressful situation and just laughing about it. Especially when there's pictures to laugh at!
Presenting, our family pictures bloopers!

Always bring a comb to photo shoots!!

 Well, Presley and I were ready. And we got photobombed!

 Um, where did my chin disappear too? And in case you were wondering, Kyson did cough all over me!

 Oh ya know, just running to keep my daughter from falling off a giant metal word.

 Making a run for it!

 Are we done yet?!

 This is when you know it's time to go home!

 What's the best way to make a cranky kid happy?

 It's definitely not tickling them...

 You just let them strip down and play in a dirty pond with cousins.

Works every time!

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