Sunday, December 29, 2013


I know, this post is way late but having two kids now is really time consuming! We celebrated Thanksgiving the weekend before the actual holiday. We had a bunch of family in town for Presley's Blessing so we decided to just do it then. My mom and I went shopping and had some quality one on one time together that we rarely get these days. We talked about having multiple kids and all the differences there are between having one kid and two kids. It was very heartwarming, something that I was really needing! But I'll share my thoughts on that another time!

We had our Thanksgiving the Saturday before, on Presley's Blessing day. We woke up early to start cooking, did the blessing, and just spent time with family on that special day. I love the feeling of warmth and joy on Thanksgiving. I love the smells, the atmosphere and obviously the food! It was such a great day and I'm so happy that we were able to spend it with family, especially since we live so far away from any of our family. It's rare when we get to spend holidays with them.
 Because our house is so tiny all the kids had to sit on the floor in the kitchen! And they all look thrilled!

 We hate our house, but we love Thanksgiving! Ha

 We matched! And it wasn't on purpose.

An outfit change later, and some turkey enzymes and we were out like a light!

So on the actual Thanksgiving holiday, our family had already went back to their homes and we still wanted to do something! But none of us were up for cooking another meal! So we decided to go out for a Thanksgiving meal at a restaurant. When Dave had just barely joined the Air Force he spent one of his Thanksgivings away from family, besides his mom who flew out to be with him, so they spent Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel. So we decided to keep "tradition" alive that's where we would spend it. Ha it was... interesting! Four adults and four kids crammed into a corner table, feeding Presley right there at the table next to the kitchen! It went exactly how we thought it would go! BUt still so much fun and a memory I'll have forever. Presley's first Thanksgiving... at Cracker Barrel! Ha! 

Kyson's on this kick where he either refuses to take a picture or likes to be silly in the picture. The kid wont take a good picture! Here's what we go through every single time we try to get a good family picture.

We finally gave up and tried again outside!

It was fun doing something different for Thanksgiving but I think we'll stick with tradition next year!

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  1. darling pictures! love seeing your cute family. xo


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)