Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Since Dave and I got married we celebrated our Christmas's like we did growing up, with our families traditions! And even though we enjoy those traditions we wanted to start our own this year and do things our way! So we took the kids to see Santa for the first time, for both of them! I know, Kyson's almost five years old and he's just now meeting Santa! Kyson did so well! If you know Kyson well you'll know that he has some social anxiety so getting him to talk to someone he doesn't know is a challenge. It was such a happy moment for me haha

Kyson's class had a Christmas party that we were invited too. It is so much fun have a child in school!! Watching him learn and come home with arts, crafts and assignments. It is seriously the cutest thing! Kyson loves learning and loves showing mee what he did in school every day.

On Christmas Eve we spent the day decorating cookies, making a felt Ginger Bread House, watching Christmas movies and enjoying our time together. We ordered pizza and watched It's a Wonderful Life! Great movie!! We opened up Christmas jammies that Dave's mom sends us every year. Kyson was dying to get a robe this year and that's exactly what he got. Nana did good! Presley looked adorable in hers and Dave and I loved ours! Thanks Shelly!

Christmas Eve night was awful! Kyson has been sick for almost two whole months! And that night was no exception! Kyson was up every single hour coughing and sweating and he just didn't feel good. I was up all night taking care of him. I finally fell asleep on Kyson's bed and literally one hour later Dave came in and woke us up to start Christmas! I wasn't excited to wake up and neither was Kyson. We were exhausted! Before we even left the room we took Kyson's temperature which was 101.3 so we gave him some medicine, let it kick in and then we went out to see what Santa brought! Even though Kyson felt like junk, he was still so excited. He handled it like a champ! We opened up stockings and while the kids were playing we made my Mom's homemade recipe of Pull Aparts/ Sticky Buns/ Monkey Bread whatever it is you call it! We call them Pull Aparts and they were delicious! Once we ate breakfast we opened up the rest of the presents! We were so spoiled! I know I say this every year but Christmas is so much better with kids! We spent the day playing with toys, munching on food, watching movies, and putting batteries in everything haha. That night Kyson had a temperature of 103!! We were so close to taking him to the ER. We gave him some more medicine and decided to wait to see if it helped. It did, thank goodness! Overall it was a great Christmas, sick child and all! He's still sick but doing better. My parents think we need to have tests run on him. That scares me!

It was a great Christmas!

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  1. I'm SO glad you had such a great Christmas with your sweet family. And starting your own traditions is so special. Happy 2014!!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)