Monday, January 23, 2012

Kyson turned 3

Saturday was the big day! The day my baby boy turned three and the day I reminisced on the day he was born.
It feels like it was just yesterday that I was driving to the hospital knowing in a few short hours I would be a new mommy. Now my husband is borderline begging me for baby number two.

When Kyson woke up saturday morning he woke up to a very pinteresting surprise..

It was like waking up in Wonderland! He literally came running into our bedroom yelling "mommy daddy, balloons!" It was by far the best awakening I've ever had! And you better believe we played with those balloons all day long.

I made him his favorite breakfast, blueberry muffins and the first half of the day we watched cartoons and played with his new toys from grandparents. My son has a  major obsession with the following:

air planes

He's 100% boy!

After his nap we took him to Petsmart to let him pick out his birthday present.

He wanted fish, so we got him some fish!

It turns out Dave and I know nothing about taking care of goldfish. We thought you stuck it in water and feed it.. Oh no there's more to it then that according to the nice employee who helped us! We've got our hands full with these two fish..

So after buying what seems like a hundred different items for this 3 gallon fish tank we were on our way home with the newest members of the Madsen family!

I spy with my little eye.. two gold fish.

Welcome to the family Buster and Mac :)

Once Kyson was done starring at two very boring fish we sang Happy Birthday and gorged that cake!

My birthday boy

After cake we put him in the bath tub for the best bath of his life.
shaving cream + food coloring = bath tub paint
 turned into this.

turned into this!

I had just as much fun with it as Kyson did.

We had a fun filled saturday with our birthday boy! :)
Happy birthday Kyson


  1. Very cute! I love all that fun stuff you did for his bday! My son would love the balloons and paint!

  2. What a fun birthday! The dyed shaving cream is such a fun idea! Hopefully I'll remember that for when I have kids!

  3. Cutest birthday ideas ever! I bet he loved it so much! Good job mom and dad :) Happy Birthday Kyson!

  4. adorable is he?!?! Oh my goodness! Thanks for your follow and cute comment! I can't wait to see more from you! You are adorable! And seriously, you are the cutest ever!

  5. Aw, that was so sweet and all your ideas were adorable. I'm glad he had a great birthday :) And that cake looks amazing :) Yummy :)

  6. Oh my gosh, you are such a sweet mommy! Thank goodness for Pinterest and all their perfect ideas... I love to see people actually using them :)

    Oh and I tagged you in today post. So play along if you want :) xo

  7. How adorable! I love the balloon idea, and the bathtub paint? Genius!! Kyson looks like he had the best day ever! :)

  8. What a freaking awesome day! That's so sweet! I wish I did all that for my birthday! You are a great mom! Keep it up!

  9. Happy Birthday to Kyson!!
    Wow you really went all out to make his birthday amazing, what a great mom! :)

  10. Happy Birthday Kyson! Looks like he had a great birthday. Such fun ideas to make the day really special!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)