Friday, December 9, 2011

Worst Day EVER

I flew out to Texas for two of my best friends weddings!  Congratulations Chelse and Amber :)
Flying to Texas was hands down the worst experience of my life!! The morning I flew out I had a layover in Salt Lake City. The one morning out of every morning of the year that Salt Lake has hurricane like weather.. I'm talking 80 mph winds people! Very rare for Salt Lake. But at 6:15 am I jumped on the plane anyways. What an awkward flight it was.. A guy I dated and his wife sat right behind me haha

We made that short flight and the whole time I was talking to the guy next to me. Turns out I went to high school with his kids! Anyways all was going well and I thought to myself that the winds weren't bad at all.. And then we started our desent into the Salt Lake Valley!!

Holy Crap!!

Our plane was going all over the place.. Up and down, side to side.. Bags were being thrown all over the place and people were screaming! It was like a scene from a movie!! The landing gear was down and we were so close to land but the winds were just too bad.. The Pilots put up the landing gear and we started getting further and further from the ground. As we circled back around to attempt to land again the winds seriously got twice as bad. It felt like the plane was getting thrown around like a leaf in a tornado! I have never clenched onto something as hard as I was clenching onto my seat. My hands went completely numb from holding on so tight and I was literally telling myself to breathe! I got so sick to my stomach which is weird for me since I never get motion sickness! People were freaking out all around me!! I was looking around and noticed that there weren't any other planes in the sky... If you've ever been to the Salt Lake Airport you'll know that never happens. It's a very busy airport! I was panicking! But... after an hour of trying to land in the awful wind we finally landed. I could not wait to touch land again. Glorious land!! And an hour later I was back on another plane taking off.. And it was just as bad taking off as it was landing! I hope I never have to experience turbulence like that again!! WORST. DAY. EVER! Apparently the word about Salt Lake's winds spread fast becuase when I landed in Dallas everyone was talking about it! I should make a T-shirt that says..

"I survived the Salt Lake winds"

Anyways I'm so thankful that I'm still alive after that Ha! I'm having a great time in Texas and don't worry Taylor I still love flying ;)

A sneak peak of Chelse's wedding..


  1. Oh my gosh! Pretty much one of my biggest fears ever! SO glad you are safe and out of that horrible weather!

  2. That's so scary!! It was bad enough being safe inside my apartment during the winds, I can't imagine flying in it!!

  3. That is too funny! I'm glad you still love flying because that would have done me in for sure! :) glad you are safe and had a fun time!

  4. Wow, I would be so scared as well. I have experienced some yucky turbulence but nothing like that. I'm surprised they took off again after only an hour.

  5. Yikes sounds like quite an experience! At least the weddings were fun and you were able to enjoy yourself! Glad you're doing okay.

  6. Denise, you are such a pretty person! I'm loving your new hair do.

    I'm sorry about that scary flight situation! That must have been terrifying.

    Your last few posts have been so sweet. I'm glad things are looking up for you.

  7. You look adorable in the wedding picture!

    How scary that flight must have been! I'm so glad everything worked out okay!

    ♥ Kyna

  8. UGH, that is so scary! I cannot imagine getting back on another plane an hour later!

  9. AH!!! I'm not a fan of planes, so that pretty much would have been the death of me- glad you got through it alright!! And I am LOVING that wedding photo- looks like a gorgeous ceremony. Glad I'm all caught up now!! I'll stop being such a lame-o blogger and keep up with you better now, but don't worry, yours was the first one I popped over to read now that I found a spare moment. ;)

  10. I have been on a plane during winds like that! We were landing during a tornado and all the other flights had been cancled by then... Pretty crazy huh?! hahaha


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)