Monday, March 10, 2014

Presley: 5 months

-Presley graduated into her 6 month clothes! Whaaaaat?! It makes me so sad to see how big she's getting but it's so fun being able to dress her up in some new clothes. I was so over her 3 months outfits!

-She sat up on her own for the first time on my birthday, February 27th! What a great birthday surprise for me! She's getting pretty good at it even though she can only sit for no more than 10 seconds before tumbling over!

-She also stood up for 15 whole seconds on February 16th. I was totally amazed and still am! The girl has wanted to be on her feet since the day she was born.

-She's eating 5-6 ounces every 4-5 hours and she's still not sleeping through the night. She's also boycotted naps and she hates being swaddled! She refuses to be rocked to sleep but she also cries her pretty little head off if I lay her down to fall asleep on her own. I'm at a loss right now. 

-She ate Rice Cereal for the first time on Saturday, March 8th! She loved it and she wanted to help me feed her with every bite (she'll grab the spoon every time it's within an inch of her face). It makes for a very messy feeding!

-She now wears size 2 diapers! Sigh!

-She's been given lots of nicknames. P, P Baby, P Town, Baby Girl, Boo Boo, Princess, Tiny and Kyson calls her Sweetie.

-She thinks it's so fun being upside down! She also loves to be tossed in the air (and by tossed I mean like 6 inches out of our hands!). She loves being tickled, raspberries on her tummy, and Patty Cakes!

-She's learned how to make farting noises(?) with her lips. It kills me! She also likes to stick out her tongue.

Presley is at the funnest age right now! She's extremely clingy but I love holding her so I'm ok with it. She's learned who her mom and dad are because when other people pick her up, she screams! I'm so in love with my baby girl!


  1. Cannot believe how big she's gotten! She is just adorable and you look amazing, lady! :)

  2. adorable!! Can't believe she is 5 months already!!!

  3. Ohhhh those cheeeeks!!!! How adorable!!!

  4. Those chubby cheeks! I DIE. And she's so very tiny compared with my two babies.


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