Sunday, September 29, 2013

38 weeks

Taken at 38 weeks 4 days
I'm now 39 weeks
-Still not dilating. At All!! It angers me.
-Sitting has officially become more uncomfortable than standing. Baby girlie goes crazy with kicks and punches and movement when I sit. And I'm pretty sure I'm the only person on the planet that can't stand baby kicks. They're so uncomfortable! But then again I can't stand pulses, twitching, heart beats etc. I would not do very well in the medical field!
-I got my hospital bag somewhat packed.
-My ankles are no longer kankles. My swollen feet literally disappeared over night!
-I've given up on keeping track of how much weight I've gained. I figured it doesn't matter as long as baby girl is growing right? That's me being optimistic.
-I've been sleeping amazingly lately. But I never feel like I've gotten enough sleep.
That's about all I have for this week. My next appointment is on Tuesday, PRAY I'm dilating! It's not normal to be 39 weeks and not dilating, is it?

Friday, September 20, 2013

37 weeks

37 weeks 4 days
- I'm so ready for this baby to come! I'm tired of being pregnant, tired of hurting, tired of clothes not fitting, tired of not being able to move etc. Yes I've turned into a Debbie Downer lately!
-Still no signs of labor. I was hoping she'd come by 38 weeks but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. It's so frustrating seeing people I know who are due after me having their babies before me.
-I have some insane shin splints! Talk about painful!
-Most people are nesting at this point in pregnancy. I have gotten so lazy! There is so much that needs to be done before baby girl arrives, but I just don't have the energy or will to do any of it. By the time I get the every day cleaning finishes (ie dishes, showering, straightening the house) I'm just so worn out! Poor Dave comes home from work and does so much for me even though he's exhausted! I married a keeper.
-Baby girl is sitting oddly low. My doctor found her heartbeat right at my pubic bone!! Just imagine where her head is at. And it's incredibly painful! Feel sorry for me, ha!
-Even though it seems like everything about these last couple weeks are negative, we are still so excited to meet our Princess. We have a countdown going for Kyson to keep him involved and it dawned on me that we only have 16 days until our due date. Pray that she comes sooner :)
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Monday, September 9, 2013

a little updating

It's happened to me. Again! I've lost the will to blog. In my head I want to blog about everything but when I actually sit down to blog, I'm instantly bored. I've done ok at keeping up with the pregnancy updates but that's about it. So this post is to just play catch up with what the family and I have been up to these last few months!
We sold Dave's truck back in May. It was such a sad day because we loved that truck! But it couldn't hold a rear facing car seat so we thought it was just too expensive to not be able to use with two kids. We traded it in for a Honda Accord. Talk about major savings! I can't believe how much cheaper it is having a car than a truck. Even though we still wish we had the truck. Oh well!
We're still trying to sell this blasted house! Preparing for a baby has taken the top priority over selling it though. It's just too much to try and juggle both.
Dave is rocking it at school! He's in an accelerated program where they shove an entire semester of class into a five week program. It keeps him extremely busy! But my amazing man has kept up a 4.0! He's kind of a smarty pants :)
We held our first garage sale with some friends of ours. We had so much random junk sitting around creating clutter so we decided to sale it. I'm SO glad we did! We made almost quadruple what we were expecting! I sold half of my wardrobe! Shoes, clothes, purses GONE! We sold almost everything and donated what we didn't sale.
Our desktop computer crashed on us. Luckily we were able to back everything up before it happened. We both ended up getting ourselves new lap tops. So. Much. Easier! Now I have zero excuses for not keeping up with blogging :)
I've decided to go back to work once this baby is a couple months old. It's still a little ways away and honestly I'm not that excited about it but I need to be working. I love being a stay at home mom but I go stir crazy if I'm not working!
That pretty much sums up what we've been doing lately. Nothing too exciting. We're just patiently waited the arrival of our daughter. It'll be the event of the year and will probably make it to National News. I kid, but seriously :)
So don't give up on my tiny blog just yet, the next couple months are about to get real exciting, you wont want to miss out! You can also find me on instagram, my username is denise_madsen
I can't wait to follow you back! Your instagram feeds are about to get a whole lot cuter once baby girl arrives :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

35 weeks (advice on VBAC's?)

35 weeks 4 days
-My fingers are starting to swell, along with my right ankle. I never retained water my first pregnancy so it's new to me and I had no idea how painful it was! My fingers throb all day long!
-I had my first cervix exam and the Strep B test this week (TMI?) I'm shooting for a VBAC this time around instead of a C Section and these exams are going to tell me if my body can handle it or not. The good news is baby girl is head down and NOT breech like Kyson was. Thank God, Allah, Zeus or whoever you worship!! The bad news is my cervix is still closed. Boo :(
-I have appointments every week now!
-Braxton Hicks are starting to become painful. They're awful!
-I think baby girl is starting to drop, I feel like I'm carrying lower than I was.
-We finally have a name picked out!!! 
-I don't walk anymore, I waddle, And I'm dang good at it! 
-I had my last ultrasound this week and almost passed out right there on the table. It was awful! But we confirmed that she's still a girl, she weighs 6 pounds and has made her way to the birthing position, head down.
That's about all the updating I have for you. Kyson and I are both sick with soar throats and runny noses so it's back to my reality tv on the couch.
If you've had a VBAC (successful or not) please share with me your experience. I'm a little nervous about it!