Thursday, October 17, 2013

Presley's first week

Can you believe my Princess is already a week and a half old? Too fast!
Her first week has been nothing short of amazing. I'm seriously having the time of my life. It's still so crazy saying that I have kids rather than just a kid! I love it and I already want another kid haha I'm crazy, I know!
Presley is doing great! She's eating about 2 ounces every 4 hours. She sleeps so great and I have yet to feel exhausted. She's an easy peasy baby! She doesn't mind tummy time, she usually just falls asleep and the only body part that moves while on her tummy are her little legs. She'll be crawling in no time. Ha! Presley girl had her one week appointment yesterday and my baby girl is already growing! She lost a few ounces while in the hospital which is totally normal but at her appointment we found that she gained 9 ounces! Bring on the chunky thighs! She's grown almost a full inch as well! I just can't believe how fast she's growing! She's perfectly healthy and is doing great! She was born with capillaries on her left eye lid but her doctor assured us they would disappear around 6-9 months. She's such a smiley baby (even though it's not on purpose yet) and I have yet to capture one on camera. She's my perfect baby girl and I love her so much!
I also had my one week appointment! I got my rubber bandage removed which basically gave me a free Brazilian wax (TMI?). Yeah, it hurt! But I'm so happy that I didn't get staples or stitches this time. I got Plastic Surgeons Stitches which are dissolving and they don't leave scars. I'm very happy about that! I gained 35 pounds during pregnancy and I'm so happy to report that I only have about 10 pounds left to lose until I'm at my pre pregnancy weight. My swelling is completely gone but my tummy is way to squishy for my liking. I definitely have my work cut out for me! I've been totally pain free since four days after surgery! I couldn't believe it! It took two weeks for the soreness to go away after Kyson was born. My doctor said it's because I don't have any bruising along the incision. It's been so nice being able to function normally after abdominal surgery!
I love being a Mom more than anything in this world. This has been the greatest week and a half of my life and I feel so blessed to have Kyson and Presley as my kids. To know that I'm sealed to these two for Eternity makes my heart skip a beat. They're mine forever! I love them so much! My love for Dave as exploded since Presley's been here. To watch him with our son is one thing but to see him with his daughter totally melts my heart. He's such an amazing Father! I'm only lucky lady!!


  1. Praying that i have as easy of a recovery this next time. I love seeing the pictures and reading the post :)

  2. She is beautiful and you look amazing. What an amazing little family you have!

  3. She is beautiful & perfect!! Cant wait to watch her grow!!!

  4. Oh my word. She is perfect. And you look fantastic!!! Also- I'm totally going to be in Abilene at the stake center chaperoning a stake dance tomorrow night :) ha!! Unfortunately my baby boyfriend Milo is staying at home with his daddy :(

  5. So adorable! Thanks for the update! Elizabeth has the same yellow and blue dress. It's one of my favorites! Glad all is well!

  6. So beautiful, sounds like things a going great and falling right in to place!!!!!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)