Monday, October 14, 2013

Presley's Birth

I guess her birth story really starts at our first doctors appointment. I went in at 7 weeks and talked to my doctor about what I wanted and expected out of this pregnancy. I told her that my previous pregnancy ended in a C Section that I wasn't prepared for and although it really wasn't that bad of an experience I really didn't want to go thru another one. She told me I was a perfect candidate for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). She explained all the risks involved and that I could only have a VBAC if everything lined up perfectly. She told us that we wouldn't know if my body could handle it until I was in labor. I loved the plan we came up with and had a very good feeling about it. So throughout my pregnancy everything went well and I was so looking forward to a VBAC.
At my 35 week appointment I had my first cervix exam. The baby was head down, very low, and my cervix was really soft.. just not dilated. Doctor Bullock told me it was common for women not to be dilated this early. So I went home not stressing about it.
I got the same news at my 36, 37, and 38 week appointments. I was starting to stress that my body would never dilate. At my 39 week appointment I had such a good feeling going into my appointment. I just knew I was dilating by then! Wrong! My cervix had no change whatsoever! I was so disappointed! My doctor asked what I wanted to do. Dave and I came up with a game plan the night before, just in case and let Doctor Bullock know that if by Sunday I didn't have a baby in my arms to be induced on Monday. Everything was scheduled and we were sent home praying that a miracle would happen.
Saturday all went by and still nothing. Not even a contraction.
Saturday night my Mom flew in to be there for Kyson in case I ended up being in the hospital for four days (like I was when Kyson was born).
On Sunday we spent the day watching General Conference, which totally calmed my nerves, and spent the day preparing for a new baby. Dave gave me the sweetest Priesthood blessing, I cried, and we were off to bed for a sleepless night.
Our last night as a family of three. 40 weeks.
We arrived at the hospital at 5:15 AM Monday morning and got checked in. We just happened to be in the same room we had when we had Kyson. They had me change into my way oversized hospital gown and immediately started my IV. You guys, I've had a lot of IV's in my life and have never had such an excruciating IV experience. I was clenching my teeth, making fists and staring at Dave like I was dying an excruciating death. It hurt SO bad! Once my IV was in they checked me and still I was not dilated. AT ALL! So they started Pitocin at 7:30 hoping it would cause my body to dilate. I was on Pitocin for about 5 hours with contractions that weren't that bad. They felt like intense Braxton Hicks but not painful. I was checked again and I still wasn't dilated. So my doctor explained to me that if I wasn't dilating by then I most likely wasn't going to so they stopped the Pitocin drip and prepped me for surgery. I was so upset! I was so disappointed in my body. Why wasn't it doing what nature intended? Why couldn't my body have a natural birth? I was trying my hardest to hold back the tears and trying to stay calm but my nerves and anxiety took over.
After being prepped my sweet nurse wheeled me back to the operating room. I got my Spinal Block and they positioned me on the table since I was instantly numb. I was so thankful that they didn't strap my arms to the table this time! They brought Dave in and he sat there and just held my hand. I get such bad anxiety with C Sections that I shake uncontrollably, They put two warm blankets on my chest and arms to try and calm me down but nothing they did worked. The blue sheet went up and Operation Evict Presley begun. The really scary thing about this C Section was I could feel my left side but nothing hurt. I kept feeling tugging and pulling and my anesthesiologist was standing behind me walking me through the process. Telling me when to expect pressure and when there would be a big pull. It was really nice having her there for me. She warned me of big pressure on my chest and then the words came out of her mouth. "She's here!" And then I heard the sweetest little cry and saw my sweet baby girls perfect face over the curtain. I was so overjoyed and filled with so much love. All the needle pricks, the stress and worries, the sick days and heartburn, the sleepless nights and uncomfortable days, the C Section didn't matter anymore. It was all worth it because my baby had arrived safe and healthy. I was so anxious to hold her! A few minutes later Dave brought her around and I was able to meet my Princess. I loved her so much!

Side note: I noticed Dave standing up looking around the curtain. He was able to watch the whole process of a C Section. He loved it! He watched the doctors cut through the scar tissue, break my water, clean it up, remove the baby and the placenta, clean me up and cauterize me. He was so fascinated by it! Sorry if you're gagging now! He was able to cut the umbilical cord and take picture of Presley's first minutes of life.

Once I was in recovery I was able to hold her for the first time and bond with her for an hour before being moved to another room where I would spend the next two days. The nurse came and took her away for a real thorough bath. We invited my Mom to bring Kyson up to meet Presley. Kyson was so excited to finally meet his baby sissy, it was such a happy moment for my family! The first day is kind of a blur since I was on pain meds. I remember the day flew by and I had a sleepless night. The first night Presley spent the night in the nursery so I could rest.The nurses told me to get as much sleep as I could but I didn't get any sleep because they came into my room every hour checking vitals, giving me pills, changing IV's, kneading my stomach. It was miserable! The next morning Presley got her first shot and her newborn exam. She's a healthy girl! That day I had all my IV's and tubes removed and was able to get up and walk around for the first time. I was so shocked that I was in such little pain! But so thankful. The nurses and doctors said I was healing great and could go home the next morning. I got my first meal (all liquid) that morning since being in the hospital. It was so good! Who else gets a popsicle for breakfast? haha Later I got a meal of my choice! Chicken Cordon Bleu and Cheesecake! I couldn't believe how amazing hospital cheesecake is! Even Dave was dying over it!

The next morning we were discharged and were able to start our new lives as a family of four. Although this experience had a different outcome of what I wanted, it was such an amazing experience! My doctor and her staff are so great. They feel more like friends then a doctor and nurses. I'm really going to miss them once we leave Abilene. I can't believe its already been a week since my daughter was born. Fastest week of my life! I'm happy to say she's such an easy baby. It's rare to hear her cry other then when she's hungry. She sleeps great and eats good too. She's just so perfect! In every way! Kyson is still adjusting to not being the center of attention but he's done a great job. He's kind of afraid of her but says he likes her because she's nice. We love her so much! 



  1. awwwh! she's perfect and you look great, denise! congrats on your new little blessing. <3


  2. She is such a precious baby girl! :)

  3. awe! Im so happy for your family. We plan on doing another c-section with being so far away, and i dont want to take the chance of being rushed into one and not being fully prepared. I cant wait to see more pictures!

  4. Congratulations! She's gorgeous!

  5. I'm sorry labor and delivery didn't go as hoped but I'm so glad everything turned out okay and you're recovery has been easy!
    I'm so happy she is here! Of course she is a perfect little bundle of joy. SO sweet!!

  6. AWW! :) Love how you were in the same room at first!!

  7. Hooray!!! I haven't checked in for a while and this is the BEST kind of post to read. Congratulations! I am so happy everything went smoothly and that you are both home and healthy.

  8. So glad she got here safe and healthy, even if it wasn't as planned! She is PERFECT! :)

  9. What a beautiful story, sorry things didnt work out the way you had planned but God has a funny way of doing that to us sometimes and in the end "our plan" seems so little. Congratulations again girl, she is beautiful.

  10. She's beautiful. Congrats! I am glad you both are healthy. <3


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