Sunday, April 21, 2013

the good, the bad, the ugly

The Good

-My energy has made it's grand reappearance!
-We find out the gender of our baby at our next appointment.
-Having the most beautiful warm weather.
-Having flawless skin, healthy nails and fast growing hair! Thank you Pre Natals!
-Made a killer dinner tonight!
-Knowing I have the best family in the entire world! So lucky to have them.

The Bad

-Finding out the base pool is closed all summer due to budget cuts.
-Dealing with so many headaches!
-The smell of syrup makes me want to die. (it's crazy what pregnancy does to you)
-Thinking about how much a new fence is going to cost us!!
-How homesick I am!!

The Ugly

-Looking like I need to hit the gym.
-How dirty my new car is! Poor thing.
-Kyson's play room is very ugly right now!
-Our front yard needs some serious TLC.

After everything that's gone on this week I'm extra thankful for everything that I have! I'm thankful to have a home that I own, a car to take me places and necessities at my fingertips. So many people go without and I know that I take things for granted far too often. I'm thankful to have a family that takes care of me, friends (and blog friends) that are there for me and Heavenly Father and Jesus that love me! I've truly been blessed in my life and I honestly have nothing to complain about (although I still do, oops!)


  1. Yay for gender!! Just helped with a photo shoot where they found out the gender by balloons! It's so fun!
    Dinner sounds yummy! Oh no! No pool? That sounds like the pits:(
    Love the pic! You are all darling!

  2. So exciting that you find out soon what you are having. :) I'm sure you can't wait.

  3. So excited to find out the gender! I'm gonna guess another boy! Sucks about your pool.... is there maybe another one close by you could go to instead?!

  4. Absolutely Beautiful!!!! Might have to borrow this post Idea!!

  5. I feel ya on the pool situation! I live in Phoenix and this 95 degree weather is perfect for the pool. Unfortunately, my condos pool has been closed for some strange reason. :( Enjoy your perfect weather & finding out the gender of the baby!!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)