Sunday, January 27, 2013

weekend recap

This weekend we spent doing a lot of "fun to us" things. We've had such perfect weather in Texas and really wanted to take advantage. We spent most of the weekend outside playing! We went out and got some wings from Buffalo Wild Wings which are always so good! Kyson joined us along with his teddy bear and toy air plane. I took pictures but Mr Camera decided they weren't good enough and deleted them without my consent. That jerk! We took Kyson to the park three times, he loved it! He played on toys with other kids and rode his bike for a while. Dave and I people watched and laughed a whole lot. We're mean!

We went and spent hours at Target, which is so easy to do! We played with toys, played dress up and designed our house in our head. Target is my favorite place ever and I could probably live there. Permanently!

 We walked down the Barbie aisle and Kyson stopped, pointed to this Barbie and said, 'Mommy, it's just like you!" Which led to a little girl shopping with her Dad say, "Daddy, look she's like Barbie!" It made me blush.
 We ran into some friends and started talking to them, when I turned around this is how I found Kyson!

Target is fun!

We rented some movies too. We finally saw Pitch Perfect! It was so funny and Dave actually asked me if we could buy it!? I was speechless. For some reason I had the Titanic song stuck in my head so we rented it. We've both seen it a hundred times and I still cry when I watch it. At least three times. It's a classic! To make up for it I stuffed my face with Sour Pouch Kids Berry flavor. Oh my goodness, so yummy!
We had fun this weekend, like I said we did things that are "fun to us", most people would probably say how boring we are. Ha!
Don't forget to ask us some questions for our Q & A post coming up. We need some more! :)


  1. I'm sorry Mr. Camera was unkind to you. You still got some awesome pictures, though! :)
    Sounds like a fun weekend to me!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend to me, not boring at all. And seriously who dosent love Target :-)

    Are yall planning on having another kiddo??
    How much longer do you have in Texas, do you know were you'll go next??

  3. hey, it's ashley! for some reason it won't let me comment under my email address. BUT.. my questions are:

    what's the meal you make the most for your family?


    what tv shows do you guys watch? what are "your" shows?

  4. Ugh, that is the worst when pictures are deleted!

    I love Target too! Looks like such fun! How cute that the kiddos said you look like Barbie :).

  5. Target IS fun. That picture of your little guy inside the huge umbrella is adorable. He seems to enjoy Target quite a bit. :)

    I haven't browsed around Target in a while... I need to get in there and see what's new.
    Happy Sunday!

  6. Sounds like such a great weekend! That Barbie story is adorable!

  7. If you had three wish what would they be and why.

    Love the post

  8. cute as always!!!
    you do not even look old enough to by his mom you little cutie!
    xo c&e

  9. Your son definitely has your eyes! It sounds like y'all had a fun weekend. I LOVE me some B Dub's!

  10. This sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

    We love Target and I could spend hours there. My son is too young for an attention span longer than 45 minutes so we don't get to have as much fun. My ideal Mommy Break is perusing the aisles solo with a dessert-y Starbucks drink =)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. Aw your son is just adorable! Haha hilarious about the Barbie comments!
    Love your hair. I was blonde for ages but it was really high maintenance :(

  12. Love your leggings and agreed, Target is the best.

  13. Love you blog! Adorable pics! Ahh I want to go to target now!!!

  14. We live not even half a mile from Target- it's a problem! I'm jealous at how much you were outside!

  15. Target is my always my first stop when we visit the States :) Also - LOVE your leggings - they are awesome :) Looks like you guys had a great weekend!

  16. yep! you and Barbie = twins! so fun. kids say the funniest things :)

  17. You have a beautiful family! Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Little kids love the park :)


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)