Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kyson turned 4

Ok peeps, I'm only a few posts away from my 200th post and I want to do something fun! I want to do a 
Q & A post. VLOG style, again. I've done this before and thought it was so much fun, so I want to do it again! So I want all of my readers to come up with a creative question to ask Dave and I and we'll answer it in our video. It can be anything from what kind of vacuum do we have to what crazy things we've done. The sky's the limit. You can watch our first video here

My baby turned 4 years old on Monday. Can you believe it?! We didn't have a party this year because we're saving our money up for summer fun so we just had a small shin dig. We spoiled the kid rotten and he got away with pretty much everything. We started the day off with corn bread pancakes (Kyson's favorite) followed up with his gifts. After we played and played and played with lego's.

He got a bunch of new lego's and a piggy bank. He also got a bunch of money from his Nana. He's saving up for a trip to Disneyland this summer and he's so excited about it!
I slaved in the kitchen all day making him his birthday cake. Ok not really, it only took two hours but it turned out perfectly! Kyson is crazy about M&M's so what better cake than an M&M one?!
He loved it! He made us sing to him three times and he blew out candles three times! Silly boy :)

We had such a fun day with our handsome 4 year old!
He also had his four year check up. He weighs 37 pounds and is 41 inches tall. The kid is going to be a football star! He had to do an eyesight test and it was adorable. He got his booster shots, which totally broke my heart, he screamed! He was so mad at the nurse! He also got his flu vaccine and his ears cleaned, which was totally disgusting! It made me so sick to my stomach that I had to sit down. Seriously so traumatic for the both of us! But he's as healthy as can be!
Cheers to having a happy healthy fourth year!!

Don't forget those questions!!


  1. awe he is so adorable!!!
    Love the cake!!! Such a great idea!! :)
    & girl you always look so adorable. I own white jeans but I am too scared to wear them... :( one day!!
    Happy Birthday Kyson!!
    Cant wait to see his Disney trip he is saving up for!!! :)

  2. that cake is A-MAZING!
    that looks soo cool I don't think mine would turn out nearly as cute!

    You are a hot mama to have a 4 year old!!

  3. Such a good day to have a birthday! :) Sounds like it was wonderful for him!

    You are so creative. That cake is amazing!

  4. Love the cake!! My fave pic is the one of him about to blow out the candles - super cute! And as for a question for you and Dave - what is your fave thing to do as a couple? And what is your fave meal to prepare for each other?

  5. Happy Birthday, Kyson! So jealous of that cake! I don't have a question right now, but I'll come back! :)

  6. I LOVE Kyson's M&M cake---good job, it's perfect!

  7. DENISE! you have TALENT with that M&M cake... looks delicious! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE most HANDSOME four year old!!

    MY QUESTION- in your post here- Kyson is wearing a big brother shirt! was that an announcement??? why was he wearing it :) : ) :)

    ok.. so maybe this is a little inappropriate but with your hot little bod and ripped out husband you have to have an amazing love life?! am i right?!?! ha! how many times a week do you have "sexy time"! LOL! you know everyone is dying to ask, i'm just the only one who dares. LOL! you know me!

  8. The cake is seriously awesome!!
    ♥ Kyna

  9. Happy birthday to my little kyson buddy! Love his cake :) my question is.... what do you suggest for a new hairstyle for me? Its exactly the same color and cut as the last time you did it (because I wont let anyone else touch it) but since you never come to utah anymore I need suggestions :) even if you dont answer that one on your vlog I still wanna know the answer

  10. Omg! His face as he's about to blow out the candles is priceless. He is your mini me for sure. But I did that my sweet boy looks like his Moma as well. Xoxo

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  12. hes so cute! and i love the cake :)

  13. Where did you get your #4 cake pan??


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)