Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas recap

Christmas Eve was spent eating all day, cleaning until my allergies took over and wrapping presents. My families tradition is to order pizza for Christmas Eve dinner and watch 'It's a Wonderful Life.' Dave loved that tradition so much that we do it every year in our home too. I think I was a little excited for Christmas because Christmas Eve went so SLOW! So to help pass the time we played games. And because I'm feeling too lazy to write a big fancy post, here are some pictures to do the talking. Enjoy!

 Settlers of Catan, fun game!
 Soo my allergies got the best of me after cleaning all day and frozen broccoli on my face was the only thing helping hahaha
Yum sparkling cyder
 cuddling with this guy :)
bedtime stories

Once Kyson scurried off to bed, Santa came! Santa was a little upset though, we forgot to put out cookies and milk for him. Oops!

Christmas morning started for us around 9:30. Kyson decided to sleep in and we were totally ok with it.

After opening all those presents we played! And then we ate and then we played some more. And then we napped. What's Christmas without a Christmas nap?
When I woke up, my sweet hubby surprised me with some diamonds!! Best wake-up call I've had in a while :)
Aren't they gorgeous?! I had been hinting to Dave for months that I really wanted a pretty diamond necklace to wear for more dressy occasions. He went above and beyond my expectations and got me two beautiful necklaces. Exactly the kind I was looking for. The man is good at this stuff!

It was an amazing Christmas spent with the two people I care about the most. We all got spoiled, made some great memories and everybody was happy, happy, happy! I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.


  1. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!! The necklace is beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous necklaces!!!! I always have to take a Christmas nap too. I guess it's from all the food!

  3. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!
    following your cute blog too :)

  4. Well HELLO diamonds!!!!! I want I want I want!

  5. Your man has good taste! That's some gorgeous bling.

  6. I love that you play Settlers now :) We got the last expansion for our collection this year (even though we haven't even learned all the rules from last year's expansion). And those necklaces are AMAZING - Tell Dave I said well done!

  7. Beautiful necklaces! What a sweet husband! Glad you had such a relaxing Christmas!

  8. From the looks and sounds of things yall had a wonderful Christmas!!!! Way to go to the hubbs on your necklaces, they are beautiful!!!

  9. Love your new diamonds! Kyson is so cute!

  10. Aww! What a wonderful family c:
    Your son Kyson is sweetiepie :P
    The diamondnecklace is pretty!


  11. Would you mind having Dave give my husband some pointers- I'm still waiting on my gift! Ha! Love the pictures- looks like a fantastic Christmas!

  12. You are so beautiful! I LOVE Settlers of Catan, it's definitely my favorite board game.

  13. Love those necklaces!! Husby has good taste!!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)