Thursday, September 20, 2012

that time we went to the fair

A couple weeks ago my parents came to Texas for a visit. We had a nice, relaxing week full of good food and even better company! I literally only took one picture, and it was on my phone!

Ignore the spots on it, it was a lighting effect app for instagram!
Anyways, the week was so fun and we were planning on taking them to the fair, but it got freakishly hot and my parents were a little freaked out by the West Nile breakout in West Texas.. So they wanted to stay indoors! Party poopers!!

After their visit we decided to take Kyson. He LOVES the Ferris Wheel and had been talking about it for a week straight, so we took him!

Beware, there are a lot of pictures starting now!

 This kid about gave me a heart attack.. He is not afraid of heights AT ALL and loves hanging over the side of the Ferris Wheel!! I had a death grip on him. So scary!
His first year getting to go on rides by himself!
 Kyson picked his own duck and got a toy. But while he was digging around in the bucket of toys he decided he wanted an American flag. I'm so proud of my patriotic 3 year old!
 Who doesn't love baby goats?
 haha funniest thing to watch! (there's his flag :))

We were sad that we missed the rodeo's. We've lived in Texas for almost 5 years and still have never been to a Texas rodeo!! Next year..


    looks like such a fun time!!! :)
    you & the hubby look so in love.

  2. He looks SO proud of himself in all the pictures that he is alone on a ride! Adorable!

  3. I love going to the fair its absolutely so much fun, looks like the 3 of you have a wonderful time!!!

  4. Love the pictures- and love that your parents got to come see you, even if they were party poopers;-)


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)