Tuesday, September 18, 2012

my pinterest worthy bathroom

The hubs and I decided we needed to remodel our bathroom. When we first bought our house the first thing we did was replace the toilet. It grossed us out thinking about using an old toilet! Anyways, here we are three years later and still an old boring bathroom. So I told my husband that I wanted to finally remodel the poor room and he was going to do most of the work haha
Since Dave is an amazing handy man he was excited to start working! 
The first thing we did was rip off the old baseboard. Guess what we found? Termites!!
One thing you future home owners need to know about buying an older house (ours was built in the 80's) is that no project will be an easy project. Every time we've replaced anything in our home, it's turned into a bigger than expected project because everything is getting old!

Anyways, so we got our house treated for termites (which is so NOT cheap!) and fixed (luckily for us it was very little damage and was an easy fix) and we were back on track with our remodel. A month later and about 100 trips to Lowe's we were finished! I got to decorate and loved every second and every dime spent! I think these pictures deserve to be floating around on Pinterest :)
Seriously though, pictures don't do it justice!

 Kyson doesn't even use that stool anymore... These are old pictures!

This chandelier made me squeal with excitement!

We painted
put up wainscotting/chair railing
replaced the baseboards
replaced the towel rods
new shower curtains
new rugs and towels
rewired the light switches and outlets
(and ended up replacing the circuit breakers thanks to my curling iron literally blowing up on me)
and added a chandelier

After we painted for some reason we went to bed without cleaning up, I guess we were just lazy that night ha! When I woke up the next morning Kyson had gotten a hold of the still wet paint brushes and went to town!! He painted the walls, the door, the bath tub, the cabinets, the floor and himself BLUE!! It was a nightmare and a pain to clean up! I literally was so mad that all I could do was laugh.. The kid got lucky and definitely got off easy on that one.

I love my new girly bathroom :)

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  1. cute! love the color :) and the chandelier, so pretty.

  2. Having a chandelier in your bathroom is such a cute idea! LOVE!

  3. Wow, what a gorgeous girly bathroom. Makes me want to remodel mine. I love the chandelier.

    Did you get my email address?

  4. WOW!! Looks Amazing, Love the channeler! mnmolsen89@gmail.com

  5. It looks great! I LOVE the chandelier!

  6. it looks awesome! i love it. i would freak if that happened. im so OCD. but i hear after kids things like that dont make you as crazy. mrs.shake@yahoo.com

  7. That turned out great! Good job!

  8. Love the chandelier! julannm@gmail.com

  9. So pretty! (echandwill@gmail.com)

  10. I would like to be invited if it's ok, hermorningelegance@hotmail.co.uk =)

  11. LOVE THIS!!! we just did Eli's bathroom...blue & rubber duckies!!! I wish my paint job looked that good!!!
    Happy Tuesday Love.
    Hope im on the list to still be reading after going private

  12. Such a pretty bathroom! I love the color and the word cubes. :)

  13. I love the bathroom make over and can't help but laugh at you little guy. He just wanted in on the fun lol.
    tsagabriel@gmail.com ----- I know I sent it but just in case!!!

  14. So fun!!! My email is crowleyparty@yahoo.com

  15. Holy cow, I LOVE it! Totally Pinterest worthy!

  16. Oooh I love it! The chandelier is definitely my favorite part!!

  17. Whoa?! Your new bathroom looks so beautiful, Denise. It looks so majestic now. Whose idea was this anyway? Yours or Dave's? By the way, the old bathroom wasn't that bad.

  18. Wow! The new look bathroom is certainly Pinterest-worthy! It’s like the royal bathroom with the blue and black color scheme. And let’s not forget the beautiful chandelier. That definitely made your bathroom unique! I'm willing to bet you're the only one with a chanderlier in their bathroom around there.

  19. Wow! Blue is a good choice! I love the color blue for its soothing effect and it makes me feel like I’m floating in the clouds. It’s so relaxing! Yes, you’re right! Your bathroom is definitely Pinterest worthy!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)