Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Presley turned TWO

Has it really been since July since I last blogged? Oh dear, I have SO much to update on! To be honest I can't remember everything we've done since July so I'll just start with Presley's birthday in October. Can you believe my baby girl turned two?  I had some mommy and me photo's taken and I just love them, but I'll share those another time. We kept her birthday pretty low key. In fact we didn't even invite anyone over to celebrate! I made her some cupcakes and we opened gifts etc. Ya know, the normal birthday activities! She was spoiled rotten and she knew it!

She's a;ready changed so much since her birthday just a few months ago. Time is going way too fast and my momma heart just can't take it. I'm so happy she's apart of our family, these last two years have been the best two years of my life! Kyson and Presley are my world!

So a few of my New Years Resolutions for the year have been to blog/instagram more. Dave is deploying soon and it's my way of keeping him more involved. I'm off to a bad start ha! BUt I promise I'll do better. So if you'd like to follow along with my instagram, @denise_madsen, I'd love that. I''m always looking for more people to follow!


  1. Awwh how sweet! She looks like her big brother!! I recently got instagram: kel_sprinkle is my username. Glad to see you back!

  2. Two already!? I love that big smile in the last picture, so cute!

  3. Two Already?? Where is the time going? Didnt you just have her?? awee Happy Birthday beautiful little Lady!!!

  4. Cute! Happy belated Birthday Presley!! Those cupcakes look so scrumpcious


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)