Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween

This year we decided to do the Trunk or Treat that our church puts on every year. And every year it gets bigger and bigger. We ran out of candy within the first ten minutes of being there! Apparently we didn't go very prepared. It was actually pretty cold that night so Presley and I stayed at the car and handed out candy (for ten minutes!) while Dave and Kyson went to all the cars, before venturing out into the crowd. Our good friends and neighbors were just a few cars away from ours so we joked and laughed with them the rest of the night. 
Kyson wanted to be a spooky vampire so bad. Dave did his makeup! Presley was the sweetest Snow White I've ever seen and she got so many compliments on her cute little costume. She discovered suckers and just wanted to keep eating them. She loved them! And boy did the sugar rush kick in. She was cracking every one up!! Kyson discovered that if he went back and forth between two cars they would keep giving him candy.. So that's what he did and people were getting a kick out of it! Smart boy, haha.
On our way home we stopped at Panda Express and as we were in the drive thru paying, Kyson rolled down his window and scared the lady working the window. Her reaction was priceless and Kyson was so proud of himself! We had such a fun night with friends. Now that moving is only about 8 months away I'm getting really sad that we're leaving such a great ward. We'll definitely miss spending Halloween here!

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  1. That's the hardest part about moving is leaving such great friends that have become more like family. Never easy or Fun. The kiddos looked so cute for Halloween, I bet Kyson cleaned up on the candy!!!


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