Monday, July 28, 2014

sunday funday

We took a day off from the amusement park life to relax, recuperate and enjoy some quiet time. We drove down to Temple Square in Salt Lake City. If I were to live anywhere in the USA it would be northern Utah! Temple Square is gorgeous!

We also drove to my brothers house in Kaysville and spent some time there with both my brothers and their families. Presley has a cousin that's just a couple weeks younger than her and it was their first time meeting. They're new besties for life!

We coordinated outfits. Ha!
Some of the cousins! Presley looks HUGE compared to the rest of them! And uh, devil eyes anyone?

It was great seeing my brothers. It's always fun getting them together!


  1. She is precious!! I love all the headbands you have for her!!

  2. **GASP!** Your family is so beautiful :)

  3. Your cute little family is so adorable!!! The city looks absolutely beautiful!!! !

  4. I love the beautiful pictures of your family in Temple Square!

  5. Wow! Temple Square looks gorgeous! And I absolutely love that the babies are playing with a garbage truck and cars!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)