Friday, June 13, 2014

Presley: 8 months

-Presley's sixth tooth just barely started to pop through! S I X! The four on bottom were a breeze but the two on top? Fagetabout it! They've kept her up all night for two or three days each! But my poor baby is doing great considering.

-We boxed up most of her six month clothes. She can still wear six month bottoms and a few tops but her sleepers, onsies and most of her tops are all too small now. :( Although I'm loving all her nine month clothes!

-Presley girl loves raspberries!! She loves her fruits! But nothing compare to raspberries! She's also a huge fan of ice cream.. oops!! :)

- She's now taking big girl baths. No more baby tubs! She also upgraded to a bigger car seat! The girl is a chunk!

-She wants to crawl so bad but she just can't figure out that if she moves her knees she'll move. She just rolls over when on her tummy. Little stinker! She is starting to scoot everywhere though..

- She can now stand while holding on to things. Who needs crawling anyways?

-She's definitely a mommy's girl. She gets so excited whenever she sees me. She could care less about anyone else and I'll admit, I don't hate it!

- She's learned how to smack her lips and it melts me every time! She also thinks it's pretty funny when you smack your lips right back at her.

- She's into size 3 diapers.

-She loves water, of any kind! Bath time, splash pad, pools, rain puddles etc. You name she wants to play in it!

Presley baby is at such a fun. freaking. age! We are having such a blast with this little chunky ball of fun. She is always happy and smiling, until she's hungry. Don't ever come between Presley and her food! The way to her heart is to pick her up and snuggle her. She's down with the snuggles! Momma likes :)


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)