Friday, August 3, 2012

Christmas in July

I know I'm so behind on this but at least I'm posting about it! I saw Christmas in July floating around blogland and I just HAD to be apart of it. I love Christmas and didn't want to wait another six months for it. So I joined in on the fun and was so excited about it! I was partnered up with Jules and was so excited to start shopping for fun things to send her! But it was SO hard to figure out to send her. Shopping for someone you don't know is tough. But I did my best and luckily she loved it!

My husband knew about the swap and was just as excited as I was haha. I was at work when my package arrived and he sent me a text saying it had arrived and to hurry up and get home so he could see what was inside.. He's a cutie!

Jules had recently been on vacation to Paris and sent me the best gift EVER!
-My favorite, mint M&M's
-Nail polish
-Some London chocolate
-A bunch of body wash samples
-A Paris key chain
-And a San Diego knick knack from her hometown

I was a little spoiled.
Thank you so much Jules, I LOVE it and the chocolate was divine!


  1. mint m&m's? you lucky duck. I'm gonna go talk to this Jules. I feel like she might have some extra packages ...

  2. What a fun exchange!!!! There are really some sweet fabulous people out there in the blogger world!!!

  3. So fun!!! :) Love this idea!


  4. I love this- wish I was a part of it! You look so cute in the pics, as usual;-)


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)