Thursday, May 31, 2012

cruise day 1 + 2

Once we were on the ship and all settled into our room we went and explored the 14 decks. Our ship was seriously so awesome! We found a spot on the ship that became our favorite place to relax and take naps, located the soft serve ice cream, and got our tan on all before we even left the dock!! But once we left we joined in the traditional celebration of leaving the port (basically its a big party on the top deck). Dave was so excited that we saw a Navy SEALS submarine, he made me take pictures!

Those tubes on top are deployment capsules that shoot out mini subs. Pretty cool right?

Once we were out at sea we sat back and watched the horizon disappear.

We ate ice cream every day!
My Titanic moment. Ha!! 
 1st formal night. My poor fried hubby!

We were having the best time just cruising the ocean having a great time with each other! We let loose and just laughed, danced, and drank lots of yummy beverages (virgin of course). Wanna know where our first stop was? Then you'll have to come back tomorrow :) 
Isn't the suspense killing you?!


  1. this looks like so much fun. if i went i would definitely be fried like your hubby.
    also, yay navy seals! my brother will be going to the naval academy in june!


  2. FUN FUN, your getting me so excited for our trip. I love how there is soooo much to do on board the ships.

  3. awe looks like such fun!! & that ice cream looks yummyyy!!!! cant wait to see more :)

  4. ha! the suspense is eating away at me! cant wait to see where the first stop was:) i love me some cruise ice cream, i dont even feel bad for going back 2.3.4. ok 5 times a day!!

  5. oh p.s. i love the new blog layout!

  6. haha poor guy. he is red. But you two look like you had so much fun. You lucky!
    I love ice cream and I could eat it everyday (:

  7. Looks like SUCH a fun and romantic time! Loving all o f your photos... especially the titanic one!
    How ever cute is that !!

    Can't wait to read more tomorrow!!

  8. Looks like a blast! I loved our cruise we went on! :) Great pictures!


  9. I am so jealous. I want to be sunburnt!

  10. Those ice cream cones are the BEST EVER! Seriously.

  11. wow this trip looked amazing! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! :)